Elizabeth & Brad

As promised here is an inside look to our sweet couple, Elizabeth and Brad, on their Wedding Week! Reading this makes us even more excited to share in their wedding day. Being able to witness true love on such a perfect day is hard to describe. That’s why we’ve asked Elizabeth and Brad to help share their story. Cheers to them!
P.S. Try not to get teary-eyed when you start reading their story – it’s so sweet!
1. How did you and Brad meet? Brad and I met at the University of Southern Indiana. We had a ton of mutual friends and lived in the same apartment complex. I assumed with all of our mutual friends that Brad knew who I was. I used to wave at him every day when I left for class and he would smile and wave back. I learned later that Brad had NO idea who I was other than ‘the girl with the bright pink backpack’. It’s funny to look back on it now thinking about how nice he was, even when he didn’t know me. We met at a party at a mutual friends’ apartment (also in our complex) and hit it off instantly. We both weren’t in the right timing for dating but became friends instantly and talked every day (even after I accidentally gave him the wrong phone number at first, LOL). After a couple of years of friendship, we took our relationship to the next step and began dating before he moved to Indianapolis. We knew that starting a relationship and almost immediately moving to long distance wouldn’t be easy, but we both don’t give up on things we are passionate about. I have learned a lot about Brad through his persistence with our relationship, even 3 hours away. I appreciate his love for me and the strong effort he puts in to making sure I feel loved no matter where he is.
2. When did you get engaged? We got engaged about 1 year after we started dating. We had been friends for so long that getting engaged just seemed natural, though we were not officially dating that long. It’s such an exciting feeling knowing that the person you love more than anything feels the exact same and wants to commit to that feeling for the rest of their life!
3. How did he pop the question? Brad and I took a vacation with his family down to Florida. We stayed in a beautiful house on the beach and spent the whole week lounging and having fun with his parents and siblings. I love his family so the week away with just them was a treat in itself. We went for a walk on the beach one afternoon and as we got closer to the house, Brad got down on one knee and asked to marry me. Of course I said yes, as if it were ever a question. I was so completely caught off guard. I was even more surprised when we walked the path back up to the house, his family was there, playing our favorite song through the loud speakers (Die a Happy Man-Thomas Rhett) with presents in hand. I cried when I hugged his family and still get goosebumps thinking of the excitement I had in that moment. The excitement continued as we Facetimed my parents and friends and the next day as my Mom, Dad and brother came to where we were in Florida and shared in the joy and excitement. I will never forget the feeling of seeing my family run down to beach to us with the biggest smiles on their faces, matching the excitement I had felt as well. Brad truly thought of everything for this proposal.
4. Where is your Honeymoon? Our honeymoon is at the Excellence Resorts in Punta Cana in the Domincan Republic. It is so crazy in the midst of all the wedding planning to take a step back and think “Oh yeah, I ALSO get to go to the beach!!”. Brad and I love the beach and are so excited for a week to unwind from the wedding plans.
5. Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples? This is probably so cliche, but my advice would be to enjoy it! At the very beginning, I would become so stressed thinking of all the stuff to do. I now see what a waste of time and energy that was. You only get to be engaged once, so enjoy this chapter in your life. All of the wedding stuff will work itself out. Get the main things over with (i.e. venue, food, date, etc) and let the details come as you need them. I felt so much better when I stopped thinking of all of the details and began to take it day by day. Another piece of advice would be to HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! I felt a HUGE chunk of stress taken straight off my shoulders the second I met with Leslie. She took total control and has made the planning process so easy.
6. What was your favorite part of wedding planning? My favorite part of the planning is how much time I have gotten to spend with my mom. She has been such a blessing in the planning and gets so excited about every decision we make. When I look back and think of this process, she is what I will think of.
7. What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? I think I am most excited about being surrounded by so much love. Brad and I have been overwhelmingly blessed with love and support through our family and friends. Not only is it a day to showcase the love that we have for each other, but it is to also celebrate those who had gotten us to this point. I am so excited to have this wedding as a thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family.

Back to the Blog

We were on a roll with writing and keeping everyone updated with our behind the scenes work for awhile and then we became so fortunately busy with TONS of event preparations and put our blog writing on the back burner (tsk tsk!). However, we are now back to blogging for the summer and hopefully thereafter.

If you kept up on Facebook and Instagram, you saw we were working with an amazing group of people from Ten Adams, Gray Loon, Sprout Design, Matt Wagner Design, and so many others, to help launch the “E is for Everyone” city branding. It was hard for all of us to keep under wraps but we did it! Now that the word is out, we can share that we will be heavily involved with the integration of said brand into all of your favorite local events:

Evening on the River – Friday, June 2

Haynie’s Corner First Friday – Friday, June 2

Evansville Food Truck Festival – Sunday, June 4

Zoo Brew – Saturday, June 10

Old Town Sunday Market – Sunday, June 11

Hola – Saturday, June 17

Shriner’s Fest – June 21-25

….and so many more!

Not only do we have these awesome community events to look forward to, but we also have a wedding next week for a lovely couple, Elizabeth and Brad (blog to follow). As if that weren’t enough, we have two other bits of news that we cannot wait to share, but have to, so be sure to stay tuned for even more updates.

Thank you for your patience as we get back to the blog. We will be sharing additional City Social news, keeping you up to date on everything Evansville, and even revamping the content on our website yet this summer. We can’t wait to continue sharing all things wonderful with you.

What experiences are you most excited to create this summer?!

P.S. We provided the dates to the Evansville events so you can go ahead and mark your calendars. Better yet, check them out on Facebook so you can RSVP!