Cardio For Canines

In early summer of 2016, the Vanderburgh Humane Society through one of it’s most dedicated volunteers, Lauren Schmitt, created a program called “Cardio for Canines“. It’s a program designed to get all of the dogs out of their kennels for a walk and/or run to promote adoptions while simultaneously encouraging people in the community to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Cardio for Canines takes place each Saturday morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The doors to get your dog open at 8:00 AM but if you plan ahead, like a handful of people do each week, you can get there early to walk the dog that holds a special place in your heart (well, I guess they all do, right?!).

Through City Social I was fortunate enough to help coordinate the Very Merry Cardio for Canines event in December 2016. Every single dog available for adoption was out of its kennel, some wore holiday sweaters, and all who came had a lovely time. We had volunteers come to help sell local merchandise, a photographer to run the Cardio for Canines photo booth, and so many more selfless individuals who showed up to help run this event.

No event can happen without the help of many—City Social feels very fortunate to be surrounded in all types of events by people who help work and volunteer to make every event a success.

The next Saturday morning you have available,  Rest assured you will not regret it!