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First, welcome and thank you for stopping by! Second, this Blog as well as the next week’s Blog series are all written by me, Leslie, the Lead Event Coordinator and Creator of City Social. The business is quickly approaching it’s one year anniversary (it’s hard to believe, right?!), so I wanted to take some time to re-evaluate what we are doing, where we are going, and how we can make this next year even better than this.

When the concept of City Social came about, it was initially intended to be solely a wedding planning firm. What City Social has actually transformed to is something so much better and meaningful (for me) than I could have even dreamed of creating.

Don’t get me wrong, we still do weddings, but not in your traditional sense. When a lot of people think of a “wedding planner” they may instantly think of J-Lo in the movie “Wedding Planner”, complete with a headset, lots of assistants, and all the things in between. The City Social Experience, however, is a very different story. This story will be explained in much more detail in the following weeks (I love to try and build just a little suspense when I can).

Keep following along and check out all of the City Social services Blogs on Venue Coordination, Wedding Management, Corporate Coordination, and Community Events to learn about what it is we do and why we do it. All of the services, described in each of the subcategories, at City Social developed by seeing a need, pairing with our ideal client (after figuring out who that is), and then working together to achieve that final event experience that everyone wants to be a part of. Our team intentionally plans and works with heart, and that is evident in the work product we provide. What we do, who we are, and who we ideally work with will no doubt continually change over time but the goal is to evolve from where we are into something better and better. This first [almost] first full year has already been such an incredible learning journey.

With regards to this journey and how it’s best related to the City Social Experience, to quote myself, it’s said best here:

“As someone who has always loved organizing and planning anything and everything possible, one of my favorite things to plan and organize has always been events. Whether it’s an event with two or three of my best friends coming over for conversation over a glass of wine and thoughtfully prepared dinner, a fundraiser, coffee tasting, or even a wedding, the same basic planning principles apply to create a memorable and cherished experience for everyone involved. City Social lives and breathes this mentality to create experiences through thoughtful and considerate planning in the most efficient ways possible.

City Social is a company that knows the value of our time spent together. I personally value and treasure the events, no matter what the size, where people are brought together to learn or to celebrate and to join in building a better community or the start of two people beginning their journey as one together. Conversation, laughter, and fun with new friends, best friends, and loved ones while professionals take care of the details behind the scenes—that is the City Social experience.”

This quote was written nearly one year ago and while the services at City Social are different than what I originally thought they would be, this same mentality rings true and very perfectly describes what we set out to do. I can’t wait to continue sharing with you and I so hope you’ll continue to follow along.


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