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City Social Launch Party

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You all- the only words I can come up with to describe the City Social Launch Party are all positive. It was amazing, fantastic, memorable, and dare I say it- perfect! The support from not only my closest friends and family, but also people in the community just wanting to support a new local business was an overwhelmingly amazing experience. The City Social Experience is about community-it’s about creating something that is worth living and worth remembering. It’s easy, it flows, it works, and it’s carefully considered and well thought out. That’s the City Social Experience and I am so thrilled to have seen so many people to share that experience with.

I had a speech prepared to read to everyone prior to the champagne toast and I was thrilled to see that the party was in such full motion and the room was so full of friendly conversation and laughter you couldn’t even hear me with a microphone. Instead of getting to hear it last night, I will write a summary here.

First, THANK YOU to each and every single person who went to the party, who sent me sweet messages of congratulations, and for everyone who wanted to go but was unable. The venue, PG Cafe & Art Gallery, was absolutely stunning and (here is the word again) perfect. If you haven’t been for brunch yet, you must do so soon!

The Pacetre ladies provided the party with a gorgeous, as always, display of cupcakes that were just the perfect centerpieces on the tables (quickly vanishing centerpieces I might add). An extra special thank you for creating the most beautiful birthday cake I could ever ask for, per Rachel Mathew.

Oh, Rachel Mathew-one of my absolute best friends who is also one of my biggest supporters on this incredibly scary and exciting journey I’ve embarked on. From the day I met Rachel in 2010, we both daydreamed of becoming entrepreneurs and working together. We attended conferences and expos to learn and neither of us knew at that time what the future had in store. She made the leap to start her own photography business and ever since, she has been such an inspiration and influence on me to pursue something bigger than I ever thought possible. She is also the reason my social media feeds look SO fantastic. I could go on for days.

My husband, Mitch, has been a huge supporter and he did anything I needed for the Launch Party so willingly. For example, last weekend I came home and told him I would like to have 3 cocktail tables at the party. Could he build them? About three hours later, I had 3 cocktail tables. Not to mention the easel he built for me and the photo backdrop.

An extra special thank you also to the following (I could probably write a short book if I keep up at this pace):

Peaches & Cream- AJ & John you all were such an incredible addition to the party and you rocked it. Thank you also for playing a little Beyonce when the time was right (okay, the time is always right for Beyonce…)

Bailey Marie Studio- Bailey helped me put together all of the beautiful gift bags that we had to give away to guests. She also provided me with the lovely little black dress I wore.

Lindsey Dawn Jones- She did my hair and makeup and made me feel like a queen!

Nina Bambina- Nina helped me plan and finalize details for the party because she, not only has plenty of major event planning experience, but also has the knowledge to put the final touches on an event. She helped me set up and she helped clean up and for those two things alone, I cannot tell you how grateful I am!

Vendors for the Gift Bags- City Social, Bailey Marie Studio, Mo’s House, Pangea Kitchen (MACARON’S!), Howl Creative Co., Manos Design Co., Camelot Jewelers, It Takes A Village Canine Rescue, Lindsey Dawn Jones Hair & Makeup.

If I haven’t mentioned you or I haven’t been able to tag you in a photo-please know I am so genuinely and truly thankful for you and your support. I couldn’t do this thing called City Social without a team of people on my side.

Thank you for living the City Social Experience with me. Until the next party 🙂