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Have you heard?! Our city has a new brand – E is for Everyone. City Social helped coordinate the brand launch event and we also continue to assist with integrating the message into our local events. Being a part of this initiative has been such an amazing experience, allowed us to meet so many wonderful individuals in our community, and be a part of something much bigger than we ever dreamed. This initiative is driven by so many local creatives and individuals with an indescribable passion and heart for this city and every person in it. If you want to see some of this passion right now then check out this video (be sure to listen with sound).

This initiative showcases what Evansville has to offer to everyone who not only lives here but also to anyone who visits. As a new local business, we couldn’t agree more that our city is ownable – it supports entrepreneurs and small businesses. We have so much local support and great opportunities right outside of our doors. The goal is to connect, contribute and celebrate every person in the community, not just local business owners or people downtown, but EVERYONE. Every single person in Evansville has a story to share, a contribution to make, and we are all a part of the city’s DNA (credit to Mary Allen of Sixth Street Soapery for the analogy). This is what makes us all great.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the initiative and after you’ve become more familiar, we’d love for you to share your story and get involved!

What is e is for everyone?

E is for everyone is a community-driven, cultural initiative. The intention is to connect all corners of our community; encourage everyone to contribute to our community to affect positive change; and celebrate the innovation and momentum of our community.

The goals are to provide a common cause for our community to rally behind, shift the negative perceptions of Evansville, and attract and retain businesses and talent to our region.

How did the e is for everyone initiative start?

Over the course of 2013-2015, several community and business leaders started to see a need to celebrate the pockets of greatness in the Evansville region, as well as attract and retain talent — specifically from the Millennial generation. Additionally, there was a desire to shift the perception of Evansville as an unhappy and overweight community.

Who was involved with starting the e is for everyone initiative?

Bringing the e is for everyone initiative to life has been 100% a grassroots effort. The initiative grew out of community listening — the community dictated what our culture should be instead of a “top-down” approach. More than 100 individuals and organizations contributed through surveys, focus groups, and discussions about what the brand should be. From there, a small group of local marketing professionals came together to form a group called Thread. With the support and advice of several community leaders, this group of individuals initiated the logistics and creative work needed to launch the brand.

Can I volunteer with e is for everyone?

YES! We love any and all volunteers. The easiest way to find out about volunteer opportunities is to sign up to be a Brand Champion. Click here for more details.

What are the future goals for e is for everyone?

The main goal is to create a culture shift in our community to change the way we think and speak about Evansville. We want to shift our focus to the positive attributes of our community.

We strive to uncover the challenges we face as a community, then connect as a community to address those challenges. Ideally, the e is for everyone initiative will become community-run over the course of the next few years.

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