Corporate Coordination by City Social

Another event coordination service available through City Social is corporate coordination. Since our Lead Coordinator, Leslie, is an Evansville native she truly loves any opportunity to plan events for local businesses. With so many headquarters located in Evansville, Indiana, it’s also a great opportunity for our team to work with businesses to create events and experiences for their out of town traveling employees to look forward to. Not only do we get to plan events but we also get to showcase our city at the same time.

One of our favorite types of corporate coordination is a Launch Party. Who doesn’t love a great celebration?! When you have a new product, product line, staffing department, or even just a new business – it’s so much fun to launch and to celebrate the hard work you’ve put in up until that point.

The biggest benefit we’ve seen our clients experience from outsourcing their corporate coordination is that their employees get to focus on their normal daily operations while we do the planning. Similar to our couples who book a wedding service, our corporate clients are involved with the planning but the stress is lifted when we take over.

Whether it’s a formal corporate dinner, employee engagement event, or launch event – the City Social team works with a representative (or representatives) of a company to get all pertinent planning information so we can put together an event proposal that’s perfect for whatever your company needs. Once we have the go ahead, we book the vendors, coordinate any other outstanding logistics (for example, accommodations and transportation), create a timeline, and even help put together welcome packs and event guides for the city, when necessary. If there is something else in mind – hey, we are flexible! No matter what exact services a company needs, we will work with you to make sure the end result is an event experience for your guests, employees, and out-of-town visitors to fondly remember.

If you want to discuss more, we’d love for you to set up a telephonic conference with our team by clicking here. For more information please also refer to our business page on our website by clicking here. We love efficiency – can you tell?!

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