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Event Experience: NOLA

Event experiences come in all varieties and forms. Events don’t have to be extravagant, expensive, or defined by some kind of social standard. Events are community, they are unique, and they bring people together to experience something in life that is elevated and worth remembering. Last week we had the opportunity to engage in unique event experiences while traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Have you been to New Orleans? If not, you should book your ticket NOW. It’s a city unlike any other with it’s culture, music, spirit, food, drinks (lots of drinks), and the people. Our Lead Coordinator, Leslie, her husband, and some of their best friends strolled the city and experienced as much as possible during their extra long weekend. From runs through Audubon Park (running route planning, check!), long walks with plenty of stops in the French Quarter, to meeting and reconnecting with old friends, there was never a dull moment.

One of the highlights from our trip, which we will call the Main Event Experience, was the Krewe du Vieux Parade in the French Quarter. We planned our outfits, or costumes rather, in advance so we each had our own unique take on wardrobe selection. Don’t worry, there were lots of wigs, head pieces, boas, sequins, and heavy makeup involved–guys included! It was an experience in another world with new and old faces. After the parade, and maybe a stop for some Bourbon Street pizza (okay no maybe’s, that definitely happened), our group of 17 headed to the Krewe du Vieux Ball at the Civic Center in the CBD (all credit goes to our friend and New Orleans native, Kelly, for planning the route to get us all there safely from the parade). The Ball was lively, costume-filled, fun, engaging, and also quite the blur (could have been the hand grenades or the sensory overload, we won’t admit to anything!).

Our group consisted of friends who live in New Orleans, and the rest of us came from Evansville, Denver, St. Louis, and Nashville. Whether it’s home or afar, it’s the people and the experiences you share together that matter; the planning of events to create those memorable event experiences*. That’s City Social.

*While this was not a “work” trip, for City Social to bring event experiences to their clients, we have to know what makes an event work, what makes people want to be a part of something. New Orleans’ events fully embody and demonstrate what brings people together and makes them want to experience more.

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  1. Bailey Rideout
    Bailey Rideout says:

    I loved following this trip with all your posts on Instagram. It looked like so much fun! I know a few people that have gone there and they’ve had a blast. I will definitely be contacting you for advice on my next travel adventure!


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