First Things First

Everyone has their own method of getting things done but for me, it’s making sure I have a clean and organized work space in which to surround myself. Every so often I luck out and it’s time to reorganize everything and if there is one thing I love—it’s reorganizing and rearranging.

Today’s project involved reorganizing and finding new storage for all of my work-related (and fun-related, who am I kidding?) electronics, client and project filing, art supplies, and various other resources I like to keep around to keep me up on the planning game. Once all of that was complete, oh the satisfaction!

After I had my peace of mind and clarity from a freshly organized workspace, I naturally prepared a French Press of coffee. As a former Starbucks barista, I went back to my roots with some freshly ground Sumatra to give me a boost on some client projects and vendor contacts.

Every project and every event starts with an initial plan and today my plan started with creating a fresh space to work.

P.S. The fur cutie is my rescue pup, Bonnie. I sometimes call her Bonnie-Bell, Bonnie Baby, Bon Bon, Baby Girl—you get the idea 🙂