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Give Thanks This Season

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It’s a time of year that we as individuals (and creative entrepreneurs) start to reflect and realize all that we are thankful for. Although, in our line of work, we don’t think thanks have to be saved until a certain time of year. Thankfulness and appreciation can be reciprocated and shared all year long.

Appreciation between clients and business owners creates a mutually sustainable and beneficial relationship that yields memorable and positive experiences for all those involved. Thank you’s can also come in many forms – client gifts, encouraging conversation and dialogue, and simply by uplifting others in all situations to be their best. Genuine and authentic thank you’s and reminders that you value yourself and your clients are a priceless way to also build your reputation in your field.

As an Event Coordinator, I also realize the value in appreciation for all of the Associates that I work with to help bring an event together. It’s rare that I plan an event and pull it off all by myself. It typically takes a team, a group effort, and it’s that mutual respect of thankfulness in the team that also helps to finalize the last client details and make an event run successfully.

As a person and a business owner, I truly believe that authenticity, trust, and appreciation are key components in sustaining relationships and growing into something better. This type of mentality organically resonates with other creatives and people in the community in general.

Even though we are entering a season of thanks – it’s important to be mindful in thankfulness and appreciation all year. Our team will spend this time reflecting on how to incorporate thankfulness into our business relationships over the coming year. It’s never too early to reflect and give thanks.

As far as this holiday weekend – I hope you have time to reflect, be thankful, and celebrate with friends and family. Even though this is the time of year when we are all incredibly busy with events, parties, and other engagements, it’s also a time of year where we find moments of relaxation and peace. All of the best to you and yours!

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