Lauren & Jon’s Mt. Carmel Wedding

Photography Credit: Emma Carner Photography

I had the pleasure to work with Lauren and Jon for their Mt. Carmel, Illinois, Wedding on October 14, 2017. Lauren and I actually met several years ago during my barista days at Starbucks. She would come in daily and order an iced mocha, we would exchange pleasantries, and then we later met again with a running group. We immediately hit it off having two large parts of our lives in common – coffee and running. Later we realized we also had a love for animals in common but that’s a whole other story. (Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Cardio for Canines at the Vanderburgh Humane Society, please head over there now).

Helping Lauren with the planning for their wedding was extra fun because she was a client but also a friend. I was invited to take part in the Bachelorette Party, which obviously started with everyone taking a trip by Starbucks, and that was a unique opportunity because I was able to meet some of her closest friends and family. Her Matron of Honor and Sister, Natalie, planned the party just right as we had a party bus take us to the spa and then to Mystique Winery. This was a morning/afternoon bachelorette party – an early bird after my own heart!

Fast forward to the wedding weekend – it was a beautiful fall weekend and Lauren and Jon were in the company of all of their closest friends and families as they celebrated this first step of a new journey together. After they got married at the Evangilical Methodist Church in Mt. Carmel, we all head over to the reception at the 4H Center Anderson Building. This wedding was even more fun for me because since I was technically a vendor AND a guest, I was able to bring my plus one. My Husband, Mitch, got his first look at the behind the scenes wedding planning business. He also turned out to be a great sidekick when it came time to get some things done.

The Wedding Party did photos and had a party bus take them around before coming to the reception hall for their grand entrance. The atmosphere was full of excitement and celebration. While Lauren and Jon were in the midst of it all, it looked as if they were the only two there. This is one of my favorite moments (or any other moments like this – when the Bride and Groom drift off into their own world while being surrounded by so many people). As they prepared to go in, we took purses and half-consumed beverages, got everyone lined up, and then they were announced by the DJ. Then the party started!

As the evening went on, there was eating, drinking, laughter, toasts, happy tears, and a lot of dancing. It was a beautifully charming Mt. Carmel Wedding and we were lucky to be a part of it!



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