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Outsourcing is Key

Have you checked out the beautiful City Social website yet? I imagine so if you’ve come across this blog, however, if not, do so now—www.citysocialevv.com. Prior to making the official decision to move forward with City Social, I spent countless hours trying to design my own website but to no avail. I had no real training or experience in web design work but thought I could just figure it out and make it happen. Had I not made the decision to outsource, I may have eventually figured out how to put together a decent-ish site. Instead of waiting on that day to come, I decided to outsource.

By outsourcing I was able to describe what I envisioned for my site to a team of talented web designers, Alex and Maria Mourer, and they worked with me to put together my beautiful store front. Not only did I get the website out of the deal, but I was able to meet to amazing individuals who helped me with so many other things to start my business.

As an Event Coordinator, for the same reason I outsourced my website, I recommend outsourcing your event planning. Let the professionals do the work behind the scenes so you have a finished product/event that speaks for itself and creates a lasting impression.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times after—work smarter, not harder.