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Reason Five: Planners Have the Answers

That’s right, Wedding and Event Planners know the answers to questions people don’t know to ask. This doesn’t mean we always know everything. By having the answers, we don’t always have the immediate exact answer because sometimes they vary per situation. Rather, we know how to find the answers quickly and efficiently so we can keep on planning.

One example of something most people don’t generally think of when planning their wedding (or any other event with a guest(s) of honor for that matter) is their placement. Placement?? You read correctly. When a professional photographer is involved, it’s great to have a planner who somewhat understands what a photographer would suggest as far as the best placement for the happy couple when getting their photos taken. Having a planner who works well with photographers and understands the importance of collaborating prior to any event is also key (but that’s an entirely different topic). Where is the most natural light? What is in the background? How can we create variety? What is the easiest path of travel to make the most of your time?

For anyone who’s planned a large event or a wedding, you know how costs can seemingly just start to add up and keep on going. When searching for a venue, there are A LOT of questions that need to be asked in order to find out just how many costs you may be hit with when that final invoice is sent. City Social is the exclusive event coordination team for the Ballroom at Sauced in Haynie’s Corner in Evansville, Indiana, and the following is a sample list of questions and answers that you should/could ask a potential venue, and the respective answers are all about the Ballroom at Sauced (formerly known as Kirby’s).

Spontaneous vendor highlight- the Ballroom at Sauced!

Holiday Table SettingPhotocredit: Kaboom Pics

Q. What is the room rental fee?

A. The room rental fee depends on your event and event date.

Q. What does the room rental fee include?

A. It includes table cloths, napkins, tables, chairs, serve ware, dishes, serving staff, bartenders, and an on-site event coordinator.

Q. Can I bring in my own cake?

A. Absolutely.

Q. Is there a cake cutting fee?

A. No.

Q. Who cuts the cake?

A. The Chef, Scott Schymik, will cut the cake(s) for you when you’re ready and the service staff will plate and serve your guests at their table. Whatever option you need for your cake cutting, the Ballroom will make happen.

Q. How much are chair covers?

A. You don’t need chair covers!

Q. What permits do I need to obtain?

A. None.

Q. Who sets up? Cleans up?

A. The Ballroom at Sauced has that covered and the cost is inclusive with your room rental fee.

I think you get the point by now, right?!

Your professional Event Coordinator, or respective Venue Coordinator, will be best able to help you navigate through all of the details and costs of your event. Keep in mind- this is just the venue. The same list of questions could be applied to each step of the planning process which can sound a little overwhelming. That’s what the professionals are here to do- to help you answer the questions as efficiently as possible so you can make the best decisions for your event and your budget.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a delicious coffee or adult beverage after a full day’s worth planning accomplishments. The celebrating doesn’t have to only be at your event.

P.S.: If you’re looking for a place to throw a fantastic party, contact us to chat about what the Ballroom at Sauced can offer you.

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