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Reason Four: Outsourcing Adds Value

Thus far in the “Reasons to Hire a Coordinator” series, we have focused primarily on Wedding Coordination. At City Social we do believe all events, including weddings, benefit from the services of an event coordinator and the experiences we help create for guests.

So without further ado!

How? How does outsourcing add value to your event, your wedding? First, it brings a fresh and different perspective to the table. Event planning routinely moves with the with the status quo but it doesn’t have to. Event planners bring a new perspective in for your event to help clients understand all of their options and the pros and cons of each of their options. With this perspective of your overall event game plan, planners know who to contact to make your event happen, and for it to occur as efficiently as possible.

Outsourcing adds a professional, quality aspect to your event. It is so wonderful to have a friend, colleague, or family member on your side to run the show during your event, however, having a professional coordinator on-site to manage the timeline of the event, communicate with all other vendors throughout the event, and keep your guests enjoying their experience, is an incredible added value. Not only will your normal go-to get to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to help plan, but your other guests will not even notice someone is working behind the scenes. The event will just happen and it will happen well.

By outsourcing your event needs you create a well-rounded event experience with local professionals in the community. Local coordinators have connections with various vendors and thoroughly enjoy reaching out to bring them together to work on creating something for their clients. This outsourcing brings people of different trades together to create something worth being a part of and inherently adds value to your event.

By outsourcing your event needs, especially with coordination, you create something better and you and your guests will have the event you want to experience.

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  1. Shanon Pruden
    Shanon Pruden says:

    Event coordinators bring so much value to the table!! Their connections alone are worth their weight in gold! It’s takes a lot of time and dedication to make the kind of connections an event coordinator needs to make in order to put together a wonderful experience… that kind of dedication is invaluable to client.

  2. Bailey Rideout
    Bailey Rideout says:

    Event coordinators definitely have the best connections! It is so much easier as a bride to come up with your dream day and let someone else handle the dirty details so you can enjoy your masterpiece and celebrate what you are there for.


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