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Reason Six: On-Site Event Management

The sixth reason to work with an Event Coordinator (or “a” sixth reason, rather) is because events require on-site management. Business meetings, small gatherings, large-scale weddings-they all have characteristics in commons and on-site management is one of them.

Maybe a coordinator put together a timeline for your event or maybe you put together your own timeline for your event. Either way, someone created a timeline and that timeline was created for a reason- to stick to it! Sometimes flexibility is built into the timeline because unknown factors can creep up unexpectedly, which is great to have a back-up plan. What’s even better, though, is to have an Event Coordinator THERE on-site to help you execute the timeline and navigate any unforeseen situations that may arise.

If you’re hosting an event then you’re most likely needed to greet, welcome, and socialize. You probably don’t have time to make sure the caterer has all of the food ready to go out in fifteen minutes, or find out why there are no itineraries at each guests’s seat.

If you’ve just gotten married (like, literally just gotten married) and you’re about to exit your ceremony and walk through a tunnel of your favorite people who’ve come to celebrate such a joyous occasion, you don’t need to have a discussion with your limo driver about the best route to take to get to your reception. You don’t need to check your phone to make sure the caterer didn’t call to ask your status. Before your best friends and family members give their toasts, you don’t need to be handing out champagne glasses or telling the bartender the champagne should be flowing. I think you can see where we are going with this.

As planners we love all of the things but not these things. Your Event Coordinator will answer the questions for you. They’ll manage all of your on-site activity. Most importantly, they’ll connect with vendors and anticipate any questions they may have; hopefully before the event even begins but if not, they’ll be your spokesperson when it’s needed most.

Even better-when champagne is needed, they’ll always make sure your glass gets filled!

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