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Reason Three: Stay Within Budget

Reason number three to hire a wedding coordinator is to help you stay within budget. This type of help generally comes when a couple hires a planner to plan the entire wedding.  It may sound easy to budget a wedding yourself, right? You have x amount of money from savings, you have x amount of money from your fiancé, you have x amount of money from another source, etc. Then you figure out how much you want to spend, don’t spend more than that amount, and then done, right?! Well, not exactly…

While it may seem easy peasy to come up with a number and stay within that number- your coordinator has a realistic idea of how much each aspect of your wedding will actually cost. Believe us, we know the price people want to pay is not always the price you have to pay. Which sometimes creates some of the first big compromises between you and your beloved on your marriage journey (which is a great learning experience!). Even with a planner, there are things you’ll have to compromise, however, with a planner you’ll know well in advance the things you may need to reconsider or rearrange to make it all work.

Coordinators know who to ask about hidden fees, taxes, gratuities, how deposits are applied to your total charges, are their costs for licensing, do you have to pay for security–are these items included in your rental fees, etc.? The best of coordinators know how to help their clients allocate for those funds in the budget from the start, even the ones you don’t think you can plan for. Your local planners know which vendors will be able to accommodate your requests but even a destination planner can help you get where you need to be in your budget.

Since we are talking about budgets- at City Social, we know the services we offer are a luxury to our clients and we understand the value of the money you have to spend on your wedding. We know you may want to plan your own wedding but only want help during the final one to two month stretch for “day of” coordination. That’s why we offer up front budget consultation for a customized quote to help you know who to ask what before you start planning yourself. In addition to or without any other assistance along the way.

Reason one to hire a coordinator is to save you time and reason two is to help minimize your overall stress. By having complete control of where your money is going and knowing how much it will cost to create your dream wedding up front, you will save time and likewise minimize your stress. As crazy as this may sound- the coordination team at City Social thinks numbers are our friends and we know how to work with them* to create the best event experience for you.

*in case you were wondering, that is definitely a personification of numbers 🙂

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