Say “Yes” to Brunch

Here at City Social we are always talking experience. That doesn’t have to mean an extravagant experience, although extravagant is fine. Rather, any experience worth remembering counts. Any time you  plan an event, from incredibly simple to a full blown bash, you can enjoy and remember the experience fondly. Finally to the point–BRUNCH!

Brunch is the perfect time to slow down on the weekends, enjoy yourself, some great company, delicious foods, and if you’re feeling a little wild, maybe a mimosa or two. Picture this: Saturday morning, you wake up slow, maybe have a cup of coffee and a light snack (maybe plan ahead to have a hard boiled egg and a fruit cup waiting for you…), then go for a run or yoga class. Next, you BRUNCH. We are talking 9:00-10:00 AM start time and a 11:00-12:00 leave time. There’s no rush with brunch.

What are our favorite brunch spots you may wonder? Here they ar

1.   PG Cafe & Art Gallery, which was also the location for the City Social Launch Party, has one of the best brunches in the city, hands down. Everything is made fresh when you order, the coffee is brewed from a french press to order, and they have champagne. What could be better?! Located on West Franklin Street, if you’re wanting an even more full and awesome morning, after brunch you could head a little further west on Franklin Street to go to a boutique and pick out a lovely new outfit, District 7 is one of our favorites to treat ourselves. In the summer, there is the Franklin Street Bazaar (full blog post later in the year to follow) that you could catch post-brunch, too. Check them out here–> 

2.   Lamasco Bar & Grill, speaking of Franklin Street, is also located on Franklin Street and has an amazing variety of foods and drinks to choose from. Every time we go, we can’t make a decision between the breakfast burrito or the breakfast pizza. Seriously, are you starving yet?! Same post-brunch itinerary could follow. Want to see more of what they have to offer, follow this link to see the full menu:

3.   The Dapper Pig located in the Haynie’s Corner Arts District has an environment and menu that will not disappoint. Make sure you’re hungry and ready to have a great time because that’s what you’ll get at the Dapper Pig. After brunch you could walk around the fountain, check out some historic homes, and maybe even rent a bike to ride on the Greenway to Franklin Street (or vice versa). Don’t worry, here’s a link to the menu: 

What’s your favorite brunch spot in your city?! We hope you get out this weekend and enjoy a delicious brunch experience 🙂

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