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Before we get into the details of the services offered at City Social – we thought it would be best to talk about who is behind City Social and how it came to be.

Leslie Davis, Creator and Lead Coordinator, dreamed of taking charge of planning events long before the launch of City Social. Leslie wanted to plan events as a career as described to her father during freshman orientation at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. She started college as a major in Public Relations and Advertising, and while that was in the right direction of becoming an event planner, she transitioned to a degree in Business Administration instead. It’s the journey to your destination, right?!

After a trip through USI in the summer of 2006 to Spain, Leslie decided to pursue language and culture as well as business, eventually leading to degrees in Spanish and Business Administration. She worked at Starbucks through college and for several years thereafter. Her love affair with coffee began in 2005 and continues until this day. Through Starbucks, Leslie met countless amazing individuals (several of whom are now still her best friends), coordinated trips to coffee farms for Starbucks’ partners, and also discovered she could still plan events all the while. She planned, along with Starbucks partners, several fundraisers, art auctions, holiday functions, and community events.

After graduating college Leslie began teaching Spanish for Healthcare Professionals and Technical Writing for the Apprenticeship Training Programs at Ivy Tech Community College. She decided to also pursue a Master’s degree in Public Service Administration at the University of Evansville to open more doors, create opportunities, and to continue her education. Structure has also always been a passion of Leslie’s throughout the years.

In 2012, Leslie took a job as a Paralegal at one of Evansville’s most renowned law firms, Berger & Berger, where she had the pleasure to once again work with amazing people and learn part of a completely different world – the legal world. This is seemingly off the path of event planning, languages, or teaching, but again, it is the journey, right?! Little did she know, while it did seem to be off the path of where she’d been, this was the stepping stone to allow City Social to happen. In her free time on the weekends over the years at the law firm, Leslie developed business plans, templates for wedding planning material, and doodled logos and artwork* in case she ever got the courage to actually do it. In 2016, the law practice was leading to a virtual office environment and this created that opportunity for the next chapter in Leslie’s life – City Social.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – this is a quote by Roman Philosopher, Seneca, but was first shared with Leslie by one of her favorite Starbuck’s regulars. However, it fully rings true in her opinion. You make your own luck. You create the path on your journey that leads to where you go and where you end up. A lot of hard work, determination, not giving up, and creating trust help make it possible. City Social lives and breathes all of this – we plan with honesty, transparency, and most of all – heart.

*the City Social logo and website were 100% outsourced to Alex and Maria Mourer – Leslie’s doodles and artwork are really not share-worthy but it was the effort that counted!

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