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Venue Coordination

City Social offers Venue Coordination for local businesses with event space and we are currently accepting one to two more full-time clients. We specialize in communication, logistics, and event development for businesses with event space that require event coordination services.

Each businesses’ needs are different than the next which is why we are very flexible with the exact services we provide for each venue. City Social acts as a neutral third party planner and conducts work on a contract basis. We are going to detail a sample of these services and benefits associated with each one. The process when we work with venues begins with a meeting with the business/venue representatives to make sure our team has all of the relevant information about your event space and policies so we can create the Brochures, the printables, the electronic templates, and anything else your event space requires.

Your clients have one point of contact for information – with City Social working with you, we are able to answer questions on your behalf so you can focus on your daily operations and your specific event tasks, for example, menu creation. For venues with in-house food services, we put together a venue-specific Questionnaire for menu development that helps make the process of menu creation and selection incredibly streamlined and simple for you and the client booking your event space. If a potential client asks your staff during your busiest business operating hours for information regarding your event space, the staff member would then direct the client to a member of the City Social team for us to answer all relevant questions, check calendar availability, discuss potential pricing, and even send an electronic Brochure of information for their review.

City Social conducts meetings with your potential clients to plan and conduct venue tours to save your staff time. Once a client decides to book your venue, we facilitate your Contract and deposits, where applicable. We maintain an electronic database of information that is available for you, your clients, and the City Social team to manage or edit at anytime. This database includes a copy of the fully executed contract. We believe transparency in the planning process is crucial for an efficient planning experience. We create shared calendars, vendor lists, final event details and timeline, and whatever else is needed to make sure your business and event space runs smoothly.

If outside vendors are required for an event, especially for venues that do not offer in-house food services, City Social will confirm their arrival time, the location, and the expectations of their participation in the event. This service is particularly valuable for clients hosting weddings or larger functions where multiple vendors are involved.City Social further relays availability of special services and equipment to the customer to ensure all needs are met; for example, A/V equipment availability and customer needs as well as event layout.

By having a contracted event planner, you get to focus on the overall event execution while we plan and manage all of the inquiries and details. It saves you and your staff time while allowing you to focus on your daily business operations. As always with City Social, our goal is to create experiences to remember – and that most definitely includes the client experience of the planning process.

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