Wedding Management*

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Wedding Management, or Day-Of Coordination, is our most frequently booked and highest recommended package for our couples. This package helps you stay within your budget, still have some professional help along the way and on the actual weekend of your wedding – which is, in our opinion, when it’s needed most.

Did you know that even planner-types can greatly benefit from having a wedding coordinator help them finalize the plans for their wedding? Even the best planners need some help along the way. Take the City Social team, for example – we do not work a wedding with less than two coordinators if there are more than 100 guests or there are multiple locations involved. We understand it takes an entire team of people to take all of the planning couples do for their wedding to implement those plans according to plan. When you hire a coordinator this means they will be working with you and for you on your wedding day instead of your wedding party, friends, and family members working for you on your wedding day.

Our coordinators know your Wedding Day Timeline in and out and we know to look ahead for each upcoming timeline event. For example, if toasts are scheduled for 7:05 PM, that means at 6:45 we begin to manage the reception area to ensure there are toasting glasses out, if the champagne bottles are being popped, if there is staff ready to pour, etc. If it doesn’t look like this is in motion, we make our points of contact and get it in motion immediately.

Any and all potential snags in the plan on your wedding day are quickly remedied by our team since we have our complete vendor list, Wedding Day Timeline, and have already familiarized ourselves with each contact. Even the most well-planned weddings still have the smallest of details that need to be attended to during the actual wedding. When a coordinator is there they not only know how to remedy each situation but they also solve problems with grace and most of the time – the newlyweds never know the difference. One of our goals is to solve problems, if they arise, without our couples even knowing.

The City Social Process –

Once clients decide to book with City Social, we provide clients with a Welcome Packet to begin their planning journey and to help jump start the planning with preliminary planning material. We are always available to help guide our couples with planning, vendor recommendations, and even emotional support along the way. We only “have” to meet with clients two to three times before the wedding, after the initial consultations, but we end up meeting more simply because we want to. Approximately two months from the wedding day, we contact all vendors to make sure we are all on the same page with every logistical detail. We create a Master Timeline that is provided to every  vendor and this further confirms in writing everything is in order for the wedding day. We make sure our clients are feeling the stress lifted from their shoulders as we take over – leaving our engaged couples to spend their last days of engagement focusing on all the joys of being engaged, getting married, and being fully present to take it all in.

If you’ve been considering a coordinator, we would love to chat with you to see if we would be a good fit for your wedding. When you hire a professional you receive a professional level product and service. If you book the Wedding Management services with City Social, you have professional planning guidance while you plan and then you have us by your side to help you finalize every last detail.

Since we want things to be as efficient as possible and we know your time is valuable – you can click here to schedule a 15 minute telephone conference to ask us any questions you like, or you can click here to tell us a little about yourself and have a full list of services sent right to your inbox for you to review. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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