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Weekend Work Flow

Ahh, we finally made it to the weekend! We don’t like to wish away days during the week because there is always a positive to each day (even Monday!), but there truly is something about the days in the weekend that stand out a little more than the rest. As planners, if we don’t have an event happening on the weekend, we still tend to work a little bit, or a lot of bit, here and there in the midst of preparing for the next week and catching up on household chores. Working on the weekends is actually a fulfilling time to work because this is our method:

1. Puppy Snuggles
2. Coffee*
3. Then Work**.

*Insert breakfast of choice to pair with your coffee to create the best Saturday or Sunday morning experience.

Okay, okay- so we tend to do that every morning before we start to work, but the weekend working experience is a more gradual process. Instead of having two cups of coffee, maybe we will have four. No more than four or else things start to get a little fuzzy and weird. Instead of having firm times to start work we ease into the day. We maybe even go for a run in the mix somewhere to help get the creativity flowing!

The usual weekend working agenda includes, but is not limited to, the following: we get to be extra creative and plan the upcoming week’s social media posts, put together outlines, and our favorite–create to do lists! We admit, sometimes the to do lists get a little out of control but it’s better to be extra prepared with too many lists than not be prepared at all, right?…….

Of course, the weekend work flow experience is finalized by a delicious glass of Saturday night red wine. At City Social we are huge advocates of treating yourself, and after a productive weekend workday, a glass of wine is most definitely in order.

What’s a ritual you have that is a part of your weekend experience? Do you work on the weekends? We’d love to hear about what you have to say!

** Work Space:

(Hey, that’s our Lead Coordinator, Leslie!)

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  1. Shanon P
    Shanon P says:

    Love it! There’s something about the lure of a weekend day that makes life a little more cheery! If I’m not working a wedding on a Saturday then I love to wake up naturally… with no alarm!! Haha it’s just one of the ways I treat myself on a Saturday! 🙂


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