What’s in a Name?

As the Owner & Creator of City Social, I feel compelled to share with everyone what’s in our name—City Social. As someone who has always loved organizing and planning anything and everything possible, one of my favorite things to plan and organize has always been events. Whether it’s an event with two or three of my best friends coming over for conversation over a glass of wine and thoughtfully prepared dinner*, a fundraiser, coffee tasting, or even a wedding, the same basic planning principles apply to create a memorable and cherished experience for everyone involved. City Social lives and breathes this mentality to create experiences through thoughtful and considerate planning in the most efficient ways possible.

Events such as weddings and business meetings are not normally paired up together. However, businesses who host out of town employees for meetings in the Tri-State area, and couples who get married, have a wedding, and have out of town guests for their wedding all require transportation, accommodations, food, drinks, etc., and they hope to enjoy their time spent at either event. The idea behind City Social is that we know the types of transportation, accommodations, venues, and menus to help out of town guests feel most at home in our city, and we know how to create and implement a plan to make it all happen.

City Social is a company that knows the value of our time spent together. I personally value and treasure the events, no matter what the size, where people are brought together to learn or to celebrate and to join in building a better community. Conversation, laughter, and fun with new friends, best friends, and loved ones while professionals take care of the details behind the scenes—that is the City Social experience.

This is our city. It’s your social. Let’s create experiences to remember.

*One of my favorite things to have for this type of event is the take-home Burrata Mozzarella from Pangea, a baguette, and a perfectly cooked filet…

Leslie Davis, City Social

Wedding Party Fun

A City Social Experience

Business Celebration Event

City Social Business Experience